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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Francois Beauchemin - Day with the cup

Warning - Warning -Warning - Bad French translation ahead. I found this article on Francois but it is in French. Thankfully google provides a free bad translation service. So I used that and here is the translation. If you can read French, here is a link to the original artcle, otherwise read below.

François Beauchemin, one gaining as Sorelois like them! Louise Gregoire-Racicot Sunday. Midday. Whereas François Beauchemin advances towards the kiosk of the Regard park on the river, the Stanley Cut well in hands, a sunbeam leaves victoriously the large dark cloud which threatened crowd and plunges of all her fires on the obviously proud man to be among his - as it had promised last on June 6, when the team of Ducks d' Anaheim of which it is a burning defender had gained the worthy trophy. Already at 11 a.m., the park filled quickly. Per hour when formerly, the large-mass started, some 3000 Sorelois were on the point of applauding one as of their which makes him honor. A player of hockey - raising the black pullover with the number 23 of Ducks, One of its “sporting heroes” here born - member of a stock family resulting from Hus - who do not hesitate at all to return at his place, the summer. Who not only does not give up his native area or looks it of top but division with it, liberally, which arrives to him of beautiful in this pitiless world of the sports. It was necessary to see the pride of its family and her friends. That of its trainers of minor hockey all present to greet it. That of an area which sees in him a testimony living of what can give courage, the determination and the discipline. Because so much Louis Plamondon, who addressed the word to the thousands of people present, that Marcel Robert, pointed out the way of career that Beauchemin followed since its fishing out in 75e place, then its passage, during 5 years in the American league playing for Hamilton and Syracuse before being exchanged in Ducks where it really appeared. “A long course which led it to the Stanley Cut and did of him one of the 5 best defenders of the national league. ”, Plamondon said. “And that, while keeping its feeling of membership of the area, like made before him Pierre Mondou who agné his first Cut Stanley 30 years ago this year!” Present, Pierre Mondou - always also smiling and appreciated - was the Sorelois last to be returned to the Country of Occurring with the Stanley cut in 1979, was applauded by crowd. And for immortaliser this moment, proposed the organizer of the meeting, Yannick Lévesque, it invited Mondou to pass the Cut to Beauchemin, with the way in which the players of the same team do without it the evening the great victory! “A passage of torch” which was made with emotion and a certain grace! Marcel Robert, as for him, increased by ensuring that the city would continue to invest in its sporting infrastructures in order to support the talents under development of its young people. He greeted the parents of Beauchemin which, has he says, had to spend some the hours in the sporting centers to follow progress of their son! As for Beauchemin - which finally spoke - “it is easier to patinate” has it says of entry of play - it qualified this victory of unforgettable moment arrived after a career not easy but where it always wanted to improve, to involve itself, to discipline its daily newspaper - not too much “party” in particular, it specified. He thanked his parents who always were at his sides, devoting time and money to his advance. “Without them I would not be returned there”, it insisted. As it thanked his wife Marie-Claude “who knew to compose with my character and understood that I needed sometimes to rather spend time in my armchair than going in the center of purchase. And when our son was born last July, I did not have to often raise me the night because it nursed the baby for 8 months, which enabled me to remain in form to play hockey!” Finally at the request of a spectator, he recalled the two last minutes of play of this last part of the finales, where he was more than two minutes on the ice after having counted a goal. “Two very long minutes and half where I looked at sometimes more the dial that the disc so much I had haste that that finishes, since we were in advance. Moments that I will not forget” it began again! Another walkabout Then it was the true walkabout. Of this crowd which it had flown over in the helicopter during several minutes before landing on the property of Franciscains and to go up on board a car to cross the park towards those which had awaited it some for more than four hours. A walkabout inflated of pride and admiration during which it distributed autographiées photographs and left all those which it wanted to take a photograph memory with him. “Common Walkabout not very which translates its generosity correctly”, said of him Yannick Lévesque by revealing that each player of the gaining team of the Stanley Cut had this trophy 24 hours. “The majority then organize meetings deprived with friends. François chose to devote more than 5 hours of this day to his area!” Area which of a block N, did not fail to applaud; has all to break when it concluded “It is not easy but I try to still bring back the Cut for you the next year!” Definitely, Sorelois like gaining them of this hardening!