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Friday, July 20, 2007

Morning News Roundup

We start the day with two great interviews of Anaheim Ducks players and some good news for those of you with high speed internet access and who cannot watch the games on TV.

Watch hockey over the internet from the Ducks Blog - Link

The NHL will make live games available on the internet starting next season, through a company called NeuLion Inc. There will be an online version of the league’s Center Ice package for out-of-market games. It will be a similar arrangement to what Major League Baseball offers. Fans will be charged about $15 a night or $169 for the entire season. About 45 games will be aired each week.Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you can watch Ducks games if you live in their market, but that's good news for out-of-town fans.

A very good interview the one of our new Ducks Dan LaCouture - Link
My favorite part:
"I’m just going to take it game to game and practice to practice," said
LaCouture. "I’m going to go out there and act like a rookie again. I have to
prove myself all over again. There’s no comfort zone, not that there’s ever been
much of a comfort zone for me."

A very interesting and funny interview with Travis Moen - Link
My favorite part:

The SP: Which of your Anaheim teammates would be most out of place on the
Moen family farm near Stewart Valley?

Moen: Teemu Selanne. It'd be a little scary and I don't think too much work would be getting done because he'd too busy golfing. He's not much of a farm kid.