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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Finally found a Brad May Picture

It is a very small picture, but hey it beats nothing!

It's from an article in - It is similar to an earlier article but here it is

UXBRIDGE - It's not enough just to touch the Stanley Cup, apparently.

Hockey-crazy residents wanted to hoist it, place their babies in it and drink from it during the cup's whirlwind tour of Stouffville, Markham and Uxbridge Thursday.

Using it as a baby seat is fine. But holding the oldest trophy in North American pro sports over your head is reserved for cup winners past and present, Anaheim Duck Brad May told many people diplomatically.

Plenty of folks guzzled beer from it Wednesday as Mr. May, who is hosting the cup for a few days after his Ducks won it last spring, took it on a tour of night spots.

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