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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One more thing....

Brad May had his day with the cup.  Here is an article.

STOUFFVILLE, Ont. — It is a scene that plays out in Canada every summer.

Only the names — of the towns and the players — change.

Wednesday, it was May Day in Stouffville.

Anaheim Ducks forward Brad May, a 15-year NHL veteran who won his first Stanley Cup this spring, returned home to a hero’s welcome with the Cup in tow. Every player from the NHL champions gets his time alone with the Cup, but May decided to share it with the town where he began his hockey journey.

He played with the Stouffville Clippers until age 10, and would go on to play junior hockey in Markham, Ont., and Niagara Falls.

“Honestly, I just want to share it,” May said. “It is so much greater than just us as hockey players. There is an idealism to winning the Stanley Cup and in there is a fabric of Canada: being a kid, chasing the dream, and celebrating your friends that succeed.”

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No pictures yet.  I will post them when I find them.