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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday News

Well not too much to report tonight.  I have analysis of the Ducks ticket situation and a report on Coach Carlyle's day with the cup.

Ducks ticket situation from MVN

The Anaheim Ducks started out as a franchise in 1993 and were the hot ticket in town for several seasons until the novelty wore off. Season ticket sales were down. Some years the team did not perform well. Instead of having consecutive sell-outs, you could have your pick of seats. On game day, you could still walk up to the ticket window and purchase tickets for the whole family to sit together. Announced crowds were clearly below the number, reflecting the difference between tickets sold and actual people in the building. On rare occasions, there were fewer people in attendance for the Ducks games than there were for Anaheim’s old indoor roller hockey team, the Bullfrogs. Quieter, too.

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Coach get his gets day with the cup.  Unfortunately no pictures of him with the cup, but here is a nice little article from the Sudbury Star.

Randy Carlyle was good to his word after arriving at the Azilda arena with the Stanley Cup on Friday. He made sure every person possible got at least a quick look at hockey's legendary prize, a promise he made when he first announced he would bring the cup to his childhood arena.

There was a definite lack of pageantry for the Greater Sudbury stop on the 2007 cup tour, as Carlyle wished. He stepped through a gate onto the cement floor where the ice will be in just a few weeks and carried the NHL championship trophy, as well as a big grin, to centre ice. A crowd of around 250 inside the arena cheered with vigour as he raised the Cup over his head and walked it to a table in a small, understated roped-off area for pictures.

Meanwhile, a long line streamed down the far boards, wove through the arena's seats, ran through the Dr. Edgar Leclair Community Centre foyer and shot out the entrance into the parking lot.

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