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Friday, August 3, 2007

Stanley Cup Fun - Teemu, Kuni, Getzi and more!

Hello all! It's time for some fun. Lets travel around the globe from Regina to Finland to see where the Stanley Cup has been. I've found some great photos and video of Teemu with the cup. Also the Stanley Cup journal has been updated with Kuni and Getzi's day with cup. Also the Anaheim Ducks have updated their website to include a history of the Ducks. So sit back and click away!

A look into the history of the Anaheim Ducks. It contains info about jerseys, roster, career leasers, captains, coaches, draft picks, major announcements, game by game, year by year leaders, hat tricks and leaders - Link

Stanley Cup Journal Update with Kuni and Getzi - Link

Photo Links
Teemu with the cup via Flickr - Link 1 Link 2


Kuni with the Cup

Selanne with the cup - 5 videos, thanks MrJones36