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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Teemu Selanne retirement watch and one other piece of news

Teemu Selanne did a couple of interviews about his future when he had his day with the Stanley Cup.  Unfortunately those articles were in FInnish.  However thanks to The Hockey News we have the gist of what he said.  Also we have a nice little article on Ducks prospect.

Teemu and retirement

According to reports on two Finnish websites, and, Ducks right winger Teemu Selanne is leaning towards retiring from the NHL.
“Hockey has been a career of life for me, but there are so many other things in life,” said Selanne. “Winning the Cup crowned that career. What scares me most is if I decide to keep on playing for something else than my motivation and hockey.”
The 37-year-old sniper posted 48 goals and 94 points while playing in all 82 games last season and could clearly demand a hefty raise over the $3.75 million he earned in 2007-08, but Selanne says money will not factor into his decision.
”Many have asked me, ‘why not take those millions?’…but it is not
about that,” said Selanne. “I have never played for money, so I will not play for it now. If hockey is not fun, I will do something else.”

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A look at the Ducks prospect Bobby Goepfert

Bobby Goepfert doesn’t have his college degree yet, and he’s back at his parents’ house in Kings Park, N.Y. He has his miniature pinschers, Brooklyn and Bronx, and two more dogs — a pit bull and a “mutt” — to feed now, too.

That’s why he’s glad that, for the first time in a couple of months, he’s got some direction in his life.

As early as today, Goepfert is expecting materials from the Anaheim Ducks to arrive in the mail — including a one-year contract and instructions to report for training camp on Sept. 4. As soon as he signs his name on the dotted line, his professional career begins.

Though he was on the ice for his final college season less than five months ago, St. Cloud State’s only two-time All-American goalie twisted in the wind this summer as he waited for the Pittsburgh Penguins to make a decision on his future.

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