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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday News - Part 2, Lord Stanley and Scott Niedermayer

So Scott was officially suspended today by the Anaheim Ducks.  Also, the Stanley Cup paid a visit to Anaheim City hall.  The Hockey Hall of Fame has also updated the Stanley Cup Journal with Scott and Rob's day with the cup.

Ducks Suspend Scott Niedermayer

Defenceman Scott Niedermayer was suspended Tuesday by the Anaheim Ducks, a mere formality confirming that he didn't report to training camp. 

"Obviously, he knew it was coming," Ducks general manager Brian Burke said. "It wasn't a fun phone call, but he expected it — he is a professional."

Niedermayer, 34, is still mulling over whether to play or retire, a decision he has grappled with since Anaheim won its first Stanley Cup on June 6.

"That is his decision and I cannot predict anything," said Ducks forward Rob Niedermayer, his younger brother. "He's going to make that decision when he feels comfortable and everyone in this dressing room is comfortable with that.

"I'm sure I will be one of the first ones to know. But his family is something that's come first for him."

Suspending Niedermayer until he decides simply means Anaheim won't have to count his $6.75-million US salary against the cap, which is $50.3 million US this season.

The Ducks reportedly sit around $49 million US.

"I want our fans to understand that we didn't have a choice but to suspend Scotty," Burke said. "That might seem like a harsh step and it's not — that's what we have to do."

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Earl Sleek from BOC has his take on the Scott Niedermayer retirement watch

Dear Scott: I for one would like to say that I completely support your inability to make up your mind. Sure, retirement would have meant you could relax away from hockey, but not deciding, now there's a stroke of brilliance!
Not only do you avoid pesky hockey duties like training camp and flying to London and back, but you also get to steer clear of any PTAs or HOAs or any other serious household responsibilities. After all, how could you commit to anything long-term? You've still gotta remain available for hockey, just in case you stumble on some motivation or conscience, right?
One lazy guy to another, I salute you, soldier. You've played enough games hurt that I can allow some missed games healthy. Enjoy your break.

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The Stanley Cup Visited Anaheim City Hall

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Melissa Robin got to visit it as well and posted some pictures. See all of them here - Link

Cup handler guyI wish I could keep itThis guy was awesome!!!


AndyMacAttack has coverage from the Stanley's visit to city hall

So I barely made my way down to City Hall to see the Cup. I went to work early so I could get off early (3:30), but didn't end up getting out of there till 4. I then drove as quickly as I could down to City Hall, and made it with 10 minutes to spare. As I walked into City Hall there was the Stanley Cup in all of its beauty. There was barely a line so quickly I got to go up and finally take my picture with it. After that I headed over to the Council meeting because I knew they were going to have a special thing for the Cup. As I was sitting there waiting a few executives walked in (like Tim Ryan) and then the Sammy walked in. I was stoked because everyone knows how much he means to this team. They then did a ceremony for the cup and showed a sign that said Stanley Cup Way, which it sounded like will be a new name of a street somewhere around Honda Center. I then walked out because I really didn't care about anything else, and who was standing there in the hallway but Sammy. I went over and got my picture with him, and told him he was one of the hardest working players out there. I then shook his hand and headed back home with so much excitement I couldn't contain myself.

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Stanley Cup Journal Update

There was absolutely no doubt that the Stanley Cup would spend part of its summer in Cranbrook, British Columbia, a place with which it has become quite familiar. The Cup visited the city of 20,000 in 1995 when Scott celebrated the first of his Stanley Cup victories as part of the New Jersey Devils' squad. In 1996, Jon Klemm of the Colorado Avalanche took the Stanley Cup home to Cranbrook. In 1997 and 1998, Cranbrook-born Steve Yzerman captained the Detroit Red Wings to Stanley Cup victories. Brad Lukowich of the Dallas Stars took the Stanley Cup to his hometown of Cranbrook in 1999. In 2000, Scott Niedermayer returned home with the Stanley Cup for a second time. Jon Klemm of the Avalanche returned to Cranbrook with the Stanley Cup for a second time in 2001. Cranbrook's Steve Yzerman won the Stanley Cup for a third time with the Red Wings in 2002. In 2003, Scott Niedermayer arrived in Cranbrook after winning the Stanley Cup for a third time with the Devils. Brad Lukowich returned to Cranbrook with the Stanley Cup again in 2004, this time as a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

It's curious, but no matter how many times a town hosts a Stanley Cup celebration, the feeling never gets tired.

The plane carrying the Stanley Cup touched down in Cranbrook at 7:30 on the evening of Sunday, August 26. Greeting hockey's historic trophy were newlyweds Rob and Jessica Niedermayer, who earlier this summer had married and spent their honeymoon in Fiji. Jessica is the daughter of Barney Bentall, leader of the Legendary Hearts, who enjoyed musical success with songs like 'Something to Live For' back in 1987.

Rob Niedermayer hangs out with Stanley at his brother's ranch in Cranbrook, British Columbia.
(Mike Bolt/HHOF)

Rob took the Stanley Cup to his ranch, situated in an extraordinary location near Norbury Lake at the base of a nearby mountain range known as The Steeples. After visiting his friend Albert Comfort at a neighbouring ranch, the Cup was taken to the lake for photographs. Deer, usually timid at the sight of humans, grazed casually nearby, unaware of the significance of the big silver thing being carried about.

One of the principal goals of the visit to Cranbrook for Rob was to get photographs with the Stanley Cup at the top of Bull Mountain, which can be seen from his home. Scott had done similar shots on an earlier visit and they are among the most spectacular shots ever taken with the Lord Stanley's legacy.

That evening, Rob and Jessica invited a third party into their bedroom for a special night. They slept with the Stanley Cup.

* * *

After being dropped off via helicopter near the peak of Bull Mountain, brothers Rob (left) and Scott (right) Niedermayer prepare for their dream photo with the Stanley Cup atop a glacier.
(Mike Bolt/HHOF)

The sun rose on Cranbrook Monday, August 27 with a full itinerary planned for the Stanley Cup. To begin the day, one of Rob's horses dined on oats eaten out of the Stanley Cup. Then, more pictures were taken with the Cup around the Niedermayer ranch.

The tour began with a Monday morning visit to the office of Dr. Robert Niedermayer, father to the two Stanley Cup champions. Scott met his Dad and brother there, joining the activities for the day.

After a stop at the local police station, the boys dropped into Stefan's Hair Studio, where their mother, Carol, gets her hair done. Rob and Scott's Mom had heard that Stefan Zhukrovsky was not going to be able to attend the reception for the boys that day, so they surprised him and his 12-year-old son Conner by bringing the Stanley Cup to them. It was a day for streaks and shrieks at Stefan's that morning!

At noon, the Niedermayers arrived at the Cranbrook RecPlex. They made their entrance on a truck that circled the perimeter of the rink. With well over a thousand people looking on, Mayor Ross Priest declared August 27 Rob and Scott Niedermayer Day in Cranbrook.

The boys were greeted by a non-stop phalanx of light as fans took pictures of the local boys with the Stanley Cup. The media attended in abundance, firstly to celebrate a momentous occasion and secondly, hoping to discover whether Scott intended to play hockey in 2007-08. Scott did offer a clue: "I'm not tired of the question; I just wish someone would give me the answer!" Rob laughed, adding, "I've still got a couple of weeks left to try to talk him out of retirement." A later press conference confirmed that although Scott had not yet decided whether to retire, he would not be attending Anaheim's training camp.

The boys answered a number of questions about the significance of returning home with the Stanley Cup. "We heard from a lot of people that they really enjoyed watching this Stanley Cup final with Rob and I playing," Scott mentioned. Rob smiled and punctuated his elation in winning the Cup with his brother. "I don't think anything in my career will ever top Scott passing me the Stanley Cup!"

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 The Cup Keepers photoblog has been updated as well, here are a few choice selections. 


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