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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday News - Part 1 - No London or Stanley Cup News in this section, wait for part 2

So what happens when the new NHL game comes out from EA?  Commercials!  So now we know one of the things Teemu did.... he stared in the following commercial with Henrik Zetterberg.  Also if you were ever wondering what stick Getzlaf uses, here is press release from Easton Sports with info.

Teemu costars in a commercial for NHL 08

Blast from the past Teemu commercial (in Finnish)

The Easton Press release on Getlaf's new stick


Top of the Line Stick Emphasizes Energy, Velocity and Accuracy

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Easton Hockey, the designer and manufacturer of the No. 1 stick in the NHL, has introduced the StealthT S17 stick, the most technologically advanced stick on the market.  NHL superstars such as Ottawa right wing Dany Heatley, Minnesota right wing Marian Gaborik and Anaheim center Ryan Getzlaf are enjoying the stick's new technology right from the start. With the Stealth S17, Easton has produced an industry-first elliptical design, according to Ned Goldsmith, vice president of Easton Hockey.
        "There is no other stick like this in the world," said Goldsmith.  "As soon as you pick it up you can tell it is something special - not only because of the phenomenal balance, but because of the totally unique shape through the elliptical section.  We can hardly make them fast enough."
        Easton's Stealth S17 focuses on three main qualities vital to every hockey player: energy, velocity and accuracy. The compression molded process used in constructing the Stealth S17 delivers the most consistent shaft in hockey, maximizing the energy transfer from your hands to the blade and thereby providing a more powerful shot.  Meanwhile, the innovative TORXT technology features an Elliptical Profile (patent pending) to help transfer torque from your hands to the blade for unsurpassed velocity.  Easton's patented Micro-Bladder process and Multi-Rib structure controls blade flex through puck contact to ensure maximum accuracy.
        "If I could hit a one foot corner of the net on a one timer before, I can hit a 6" corner now," said Ottawa right wing Dany Heatley.  I've never been more accurate or shot harder.  I love it."
        The StealthT S17 will be introduced in five unique patterns (Sakic, Forsberg, Lidstrom, Iginla and Iginla Jr) in both grip and non-grip models.  All models will be available at retail stores beginning November, 2007.

Go to Easton Sports for more info - Link