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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Other Saturday News

So here is the rest of the news.

Bobby Ryan has been sent back to the AHL, King and Miller brought back

The Anaheim Ducks assigned Bobby Ryan, the second overall pick in the 2005 NHL draft behind Sidney Crosby, to their AHL affiliate Portland on Saturday.

They also recalled right-winger Jason King and left-winger Drew Miller from the Pirates.

Ryan, 20, scored a goal in four regular-season games with the Ducks. He also had a goal and five assists in four pre-season games to lead the team in points.

King, 26, scored two goals in Portland's season opener Friday. He had two goals and an assist in four pre-season games with the Ducks.

Miller, 23, didn't record a point in the Pirates' opener and had one goal in three exhibition games for Anaheim

See how Hockey Sticks are made here courtesy of the AP and Easton PR

It may be more than 100 degrees outside, but inside this factory about 25 minutes south of the U.S. border, more than 500 workers are busy making equipment for a sport played on a large sheet of ice.

And they're pretty busy, churning out about 7,000 hockey sticks a week.

While Mexico is hardly the heart of hockey country, this is precisely where a large chunk of the NHL's sticks are designed, tested and mass produced.

For the most part, hockey is about as foreign as a sport can get in Mexico, but the Easton Hockey plant has its own roller hockey team -- and they're well equipped, of course.

NHL players frequent the plant, curious to see where the space-aged sticks they use to light the lamp are made. They also use the visit to make tweaks to their own sticks.

Mike McGrath, Easton's pro hockey manager, takes asap inside the factory to see just what it takes to make one of a hockey players most important pieces of equipment.

Watch the slideshow here.