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Monday, November 19, 2007

Anaheim Ducks News for Monday - Part 2

Here is the rest of today's coverage.  profiled Sammy, Bertuzzi is on the mends and Schneider gets interviewed by USA Today. Profile of Sammy Pahlsson

He’s the X-factor. The secret weapon. A 50-goal man when you consider he usually gets 10 or so and erases another 40 or so goals by opponents. The perfect role player you need to win a Stanley Cup.

Anaheim Ducks center Samuel Pahlsson is a quiet guy with close-cropped blond hair and a baby face. He’s also tough -- to score on; a Swede who packs a punch and is relentless in his ability to check an opponent into submission.

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An update on Bertuzzi

The Ducks are anticipating the return of forward Todd Bertuzzi, who appears to be near a full recovery from the symptoms related to the concussion he suffered on Oct. 14 against Minnesota.
The exact date of that return remains the final question. But Bertuzzi has been cleared for full contact and is expected to practice Tuesday at Anaheim Ice, General Manager Brian Burke said today. And it is possible, he said, that Bertuzzi will accompany the team to Dallas for its game Wednesday against the Stars.
"I anticipate that for the first time, we'll have our team all together," Burke said.

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USA Today interviews Schneider

Since you've played with the Kings, you've seen hockey's Southern California rivalry from both sides. How different are the fans on each side?

Schneider: When I played for the Kings, it was a great experience there. They have a great fan base, which has been dedicated to the team for a long time. In Anaheim, it's a newer experience. Hockey fans in Southern California are really passionate. There aren't a ton of hockey fans, but the ones who are turn out to the games. That makes it exciting as a player. When you're playing in a dead building, it's not a lot of fun. Both Anaheim and L.A. have been great buildings to play in over the last five or six years.

It doesn't seem as if any team in the Pacific Division has been able to step up and take charge. With the injury bug hitting the Ducks as often as it has, how fortunate do you feel that no team has been able to build up a cushion?

Schneider: Everybody seems to be beating everybody. That certainly played to our advantage with the injuries we've had early on. Combine that with the short summer and coming off the Stanley Cup win, there's a lot of things that went wrong. It was Murphy's Law. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong early. The cream is going to rise to the top. This team is just too talented.

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