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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Anaheim Ducks News - Thursday News

Well here is the rest of the non related game news.

The LA Times takes a look at how the Ducks have played this season

Giguere suggested the problem lies between their ears.
"It seems as if we've turned it on and off mentally at times," he said.
"This is something we can control. It has nothing to do with these teams and the way they play. It has everything to do with how we play. We've got to make sure we control what we can control, the best way we can."
The trouble, Giguere said, is that, aside from Sunday's come-from-behind win over the Kings, when the Ducks get down in games, they stay down. And talking about it hasn't helped.

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A Great profile on Pronger via

"This season has been different for me and everyone in here because of those guys not being here," says Pronger, "but the one thing you don't want to be doing is trying to change your game to make up for somebody else. I've just tried to do the same things I've always done. I try to find the edge and be on the edge."

"There's no question he has an edge to his game," said Canucks centre Brendan Morrison the morning before he was grabbed by the scruff of the neck by his Team Canada teammate during one of the scrums Tuesday evening. Morrison has had lots of run-ins with Pronger and there is considerable mutual respect, although now he's a veritable teddy bear compared to the old days.

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A look at the champions in the Getzlaf family - via

"We've had a pretty good year for our family, you can't really argue with that," chortled the Ducks' star centre early Thursday afternoon, prior to a date with the Calgary Flames. "But it was an exciting thing for him to go through and to experience that.

"It's all been pretty big. My brother has spent a little time in the shadows the last little while with all the hockey going on, and it was so nice to see him get rewarded for all the work he's put in and being part of a championship team."

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NHL Returns to the old schedule style - Via CBC

So, the games against division rivals will be reduced from eight to six, a merciful move for some, a concern for other teams. Games against conference rivals will remain at four apiece, with a single game against all of the other conference teams. Under the current system, teams play just 10 games against the other conference, missing five teams every year.
In the new/old system, that leaves three at-large, or wild-card games which, in the case of Canadian teams, will be played amongst themselves, which is a good thing.
On the horizon, though, is likely an 84-game season, though that is not entirely a lock.

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