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Friday, September 14, 2007

Part 2 - Teemu Selanne Retirement Watch

Teemu held a press conference similar to Scott.  No new news except for the fact that he reiterated again that he would only return to the Ducks. However it was an interesting interview so I have linked a few here.

The LA Times

Teemu Selanne remains in that netherworld that every professional athlete ventures into near the end of a career.
The same question is always asked: When is it time to quit?

Much like Scott Niedermayer is wrestling with thoughts of retirement, so too is Selanne.
"The decision is way harder than I thought," he told a small group of reporters at Anaheim Ice on Friday. "I thought it was going to be an easy decision and just move on. Obviously, everything has just been unbelievable here. When you have played something since you were 6 years old. . . . Now I know how players say how hard it is to retire.
"Part of me wants to play and the other part, right now, is not ready to do what it takes."
Selanne, who turned 37 on July 3, reached the pinnacle of his long career when the Ducks defeated the Ottawa Senators to win the Stanley Cup. It was the only thing missing on an accomplished resume that includes 540 career goals, including a team-high 48 last season.

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Official Ducks Website

On whether Scott Niedermayer’s decision would impact his,

"I’ve tried not to think about that. Scotty has a very similar decision to make, even though he has two years to go on his contract. But I’ve been talking to Scotty about every week. And it’s the same thing with him. If you want to play hockey again, come back. If you don’t, it’s time to do other things. You’ve got to be very honest with yourself. But it’s an individual decision between the two of us, and I’ve tried not to think about what he’s going to do. But for sure it’s going to affect me a little bit.

"The guys have tried to ask me to come out and skate. One of the greatest things about team sports is the camaraderie with the guys and in the locker room. That’s the thing that guys miss the most when they retire.

"I’d like to make this decision as soon as possible, but I have to have a clear idea and feeling about what I want to do. I know when I watch the games and get a little closer to it, I know I’ll have the feeling about whether I want to play or not. If I’m not, it will be great to come watch the games. But like I said, it’s an unbelievably hard decision. I didn’t expect it to be this hard."

"When you retire, you'd like to go out on top and as a champion. And winning was so satisfying that my body has been mentally and physically empty since then. And that's why to come back it has to be for the right reason, and that's a love for the game and a desire to play. I haven't had that, but lately I've been thinking differently, and that's why I want to wait and see how I feel when the season starts. And again, that's why I'm thankful the Ducks gave me as much time as I need. Obviously they want me back, but they want me back in the same shape I was in the last couple of years. And I want to be in top shape if I come back."

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Press Enterprise

While waiting to make his decision, Selanne is enjoying time with his family, playing golf and adjusting to the role of being a hockey dad, shuttling his three boys to their youth games.

"So far I have spent more time at the rink than during the season," joked Selanne. "All the practices at the different times ... I start to appreciate those parents (who are helping their children play)."

Selanne has also been speaking with Niedermayer, as they both contemplate their playing status.

"I try not to think about what Scotty is doing; he has (a) very similar situation," said Selanne. "Obviously if I read the paper and Scotty is going to play one more year, for sure it would affect me a little bit. But I try not to think about it."

Ducks fans are hoping they don't have to think about the absence of Selanne and Niedermayer on a permanent basis.

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