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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Anaheim Ducks News for Thursday

Hello All,  I've got a couple more things on last night to post and some cool pictures via Flickr.

Anaheim Duck Fan has her thoughts on the game

The long awaited Home Opener against the Boston Bruins started off looking like a sluggish repeat of the first game in London. After warmups, both teams had to endure a long wait while the banners were raised. Afterwards both teams only got 3 minutes to warmup again. So both teams were sluggish, but after several minutes they both managed to shake it off and play some decent hockey.
First thing to mention was Ryan Carter was sent back down to the AHL. Why you ask? Because the impressive centerman Sammy Pahlsson was back in the lineup!!!! **Cheer! Cheer!** Thank God for Sammy!! Some of you might not have missed him while he was gone, but that man stepped on the ice (18:46 TOI), checked several people into the boards, caused the Bruins to make turnovers, and won 54% of the faceoffs he took. Boy...I missed Sammy!
A little over 1:05 into the first Bruins Chuck Kobasew scored, and silenced the crowd. A little over 10 minutes into, Travis Moen shot one off the post. Sucks!! Other than that, there was a bunch of skating and not much of anything else.

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BrianR has great pictures posted on his Flickr stream


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Anaheim Duck Fan has her take on the pre game festivities

The Ducks faced the Boston Bruins in their Season Home Opener last night. The festivities started at 4:30 pm, where there was a red carpet entrance for the players. Many fans gathered for their chance to meet the player and obtain autographs.
The girls and I showed up at about 5:40, since some of us have to work until 5:00. The four of us...Finny, Jess, Rachel & I all lined up at the glass with some of our expanding group.
Warmups began with the boys coming out onto the ice. Finny brought a sign that said "Congrats on the McBaby Andy" and mine said "New Season, Same Quest!". Many of the boys were checking out the signs as they skated by. A couple of them even cracked smiles and/or shook their heads. Those boys have to be wondering, "What sign will the girls bring next?"

After warmups we wandered up to our seats, excited about the upcoming banner raising. They showed a video on the jumbo-tron and at the end it show the Stanley Cup, then all of the sudden the Cup came out of the bottom of the jumbo-tron. It was amazing.

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The OC Register Ducks blog has their take on Sammy

Was it just coincidence that the Ducks played their best game of the season, and managed to avoid surrendering a power-play goal for just the second time in six games, the night center Samuel Pahlsson rejoined the lineup? Coach Randy Carlyle said before Wednesday night’s 2-1 victory over the Boston Bruins at Honda Center that he wanted to be cautious about what to expect from Pahlsson, who had missed the first five games of the season while recovering from sports-hernia surgery performed Sept. 5. So all Pahlsson did was play 18 minutes, 46 seconds, including a minute, 50 seconds short-handed, as the Ducks foiled all three Boston power-play opportunities, and take nearly half (28 of 63) of the game’s faceoffs.

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The Element has the making of the Stanley Cup Rings here - Link

The Element has the giving of the rings here - Link

The OC Register has a closer look at the rings

It's large and showy and dense as a fruitcake, with similar reds and greens sprinkled inside.
Of course, sports championship rings are supposed to be large and showy and dense. In the words of team captain Chris Pronger, “We knew it would have a lot of bling.”
No, the story of the Ducks' new Stanley Cup jewelry isn't centered on something big, but instead, something small, very small – the details.
Owners Henry and Susan Samueli, along with their three daughters, helped design a ring that honored everything from the broad – the franchise's 14-year history – to the pinpoint – the final victory that last spring secured a legacy.
For an accessory massive enough to be seen from across the room, the most impressive aspect might be the single, tiny red dot on the side, meant to represent, in the words of the Samuelis, “the blood, sweat and tears that are shed over the course of a championship season.”
That phrase was taken from a letter the owners distributed to the players this week during a dinner at which the rings were presented. There, Henry Samueli revealed to the Ducks the story behind each stone – all 110 diamonds – and each etching on the 14-karat white gold.
The rings left several players shaking their heads and mouthing words like “wow.” At least three times during the presentation the room burst out in applause. When it was over, Pronger stood and thanked the Samuelis on behalf of his teammates.

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