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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Teemu Selanne and Scott Niedermayer retirement watch no....4?

So still no update, but we have lots of comments from the guys saying they have not made up their minds yet.  One things is for sure, they both said the have not been on the ice in some time.  This does not bode well as it take a good month (according to Scott in an earlier article) to get back into proper shape. So if they do come back it is at least a month away if they started practicing yesterday.  Anyways, here is a bunch of articles on them.

The Official Ducks Web site report

Scott Niedermayer

(On the indecision about his retirement)
I can’t really expand on any answers I’ve given really over the last five or six weeks, nothing has really changed, it’s just that now at this point when I do make the decision you know finalize it, that’s really the next step. I don’t think I can really get into each day, each second of how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking.

(On what it feels like having to watch games) Well when things aren’t going well, it’s not fun, you’d rather be out there trying to help. I’m not saying that would make a big difference but at least you’re out there with your teammates trying to help that would feel better than sitting on the couch watching that’s for sure. It is a tough situation, especially with the way the year started for the team, that big road trip coming over the Stanley Cup win, it’s a huge challenge.

(On if he has skated yet) I haven’t.

(On when he may make his decision) I have a little bit of an idea in my mind, but I probably won’t share that.

(On missing being out there) Yeah, of course. It’s, you have a lot of fun, obviously there’s a lot of pressure at different times things like that, but in between a lot of that we have a lot of fun. Whether its in practice, on a plane ride, going out for dinner or in the middle of a game, it’s been my life for a long time, you definitely miss those things.

Teemu Selanne

(On the ovation during the ceremony) It was awesome. It was emotional too. After last year, it was so special for all of us.

(On his decision) I just try to listen to myself, if I want to come back. It has to come from inside if you really want to play.

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An OC Register has an article on their status (among other things)

Fans in the Honda Center sellout crowd of 17,285 repeatedly chanting "One more year" during Wednesday's Stanley Cup banner-raising ceremony can rest assured that Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne heard it loud and clear.

The former Ducks captain and longtime fan favorite, each of whom has stayed away from the team this season while contemplating retirement, could not deny their emotions after being bombarded with affection as the club celebrated its 2007 Stanley Cup, Western Conference and Pacific Division championships before the home opener against Boston.

"We just tried to sort of enjoy seeing the banners go up," Niedermayer said. "To feel the fans' encouragement, I felt it. It was pretty convincing. I was just glad I was beside Teemu, because he's been here so long. I haven't been here that long. I didn't know what to expect. It was very nice to hear. I'll definitely take that under consideration."

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The AP has an article on them as well

Fans chanted "one more year!" at Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne when they joined the rest of the Anaheim Ducks in unveiling the team's Stanley Cup championship banner Wednesday night.

Even NHL commissioner Gary Bettman chimed in, telling Niedermayer, "We, of course, would love to see you back" during the first period intermission of the Ducks' home opener against Boston.

Niedermayer and Selanne have yet to announce whether they intend to play this season or retire.

Both players definitely heard the fans' pleas of another season, and witnessed the standing ovations.

"It was pretty convincing," Niedermayer said after the first period.

Selanne added, "It was pretty awesome. It was emotional, too."

Even while they wait, the Ducks have moved on. Defenseman Chris Pronger was named captain in place of Niedermayer, and the team signed defenseman Mathieu Schneider from Detroit during the offseason as insurance in case Niedermayer called it quits.

Then, Niedermayer said he told general manager Brian Burke that he was leaning toward retirement at 34. But now, he said, "I'm not as sure as I was."

The Ducks could use their two veteran stars. Anaheim had lost three consecutive games heading into Wednesday night after splitting a season-opening two-game series with the Los Angeles Kings in London.

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